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abbreviate(str:String, maxWidth:int) — Static Method , class org.as3utils.StringUtil
Abbreviates a String object using ellipses.
addAt(array:Array, index:int, element:any) — Static Method , class org.as3utils.ArrayUtil
Adds the element at the specified position in the specified array.
appendVar(url:String, varName:String, varValue:String) — Static Method , class org.as3utils.URLUtil
areEqual(o1:any, o2:any) — Static Method , class org.as3utils.EquatableUtil
Checks if objects are equal.
ArrayUtil — class, package org.as3utils
A utility class to work with Array objects.
ArrayUtil() — Constructor, class org.as3utils.ArrayUtil
ArrayUtil is a static class and shouldn't be instantiated.
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